iPhone 5s gets a security update as almost 10 years past model

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Apple is devoted to its users. Now issues an update for iPhone 5s. It was launched almost 10 years ago. After passing a long time keeping active their thinking for a phone is a positive sign for users. Usually Apple has a good track record for user friendliness.

Apple iPhone 5s Security update

Last iPhone 5s gets OS update in 2018. When it got iOS 12.0 update. After that it didn’t get any update. It is going up to 9 years, on the way of 10, now this update is amazing for any users who are using this phone. Recently Apple releases some updates.

iPhone 5s

This update is released for security purposes. Its web content gets exploited for code execution. Many models get this update, iPhone 5s is the oldest of them.

Apple is keeping active their work for users. They have records for giving updates on old models. In the recent many phone companies, these are based on Android working to keep updates of their old phone. They will provide up to 5 year security updates.

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