Google may enable multiple app install at once from Play Store

Google is providing and backing the Play Store with new features. This update could be reaching new dimensions. At this point, some previous reports from Reddit show keeping closer for enabling multiple app install at once from Play Store.

Almost all of us, who are passionate about technology, faced similar things in installing a new app from the Play Store. This store follows a single install process. No one can download two apps at a time. When you have a high speed internet but you can’t use it faster than multiple app installing processes, it looks unworthy of everything.

Google may enable multiple app install at a time

This continuous upgrade and development of the internet, has now reached a higher 5G network. It could be the best part for choosing to enable this multiple app installing processes. Higher speed could be helpful for multiple apps and Google should give the update and that is going to be done by them.

Multiple app installing processes
Credit: TheSPAndorid

There is hope of enabling multiple app install systems that feature is now testing via Google. Although Google tends to test many features and then stop these to make it live. But this feature is potential for.

The Google Play Store version 40.0.13 is bringing a new hope of getting such amazing features. Which potentially impacts tech enthusiasts to install apps at once. What could it be implemented on:

  • Parallel Download: As the source claimed multiple app installing process will begin by. Which might be kept with limited access. Negatively, you can’t update existing apps in multiple numbers at once.
  • Download Limits: Though Google is making progress on the Play Store it might be enabled to dual app install at once for default settings.

Multiple app installing feature is completely the new one with fulfilling the thirst a long time ago. This parallel download theory may positively accelerate it. Finally, it could be a promising feature when Google is fighting not with AI, with its own hesitation. This mistrust issue impacted their approach as a tech giant.