iPhone 15 Pro Max thinnest bezels: tipster

Apple iPhone bezel-less display

A tech enthusiast is known to bezels of a device, usually which has display. It is related to a display panel. Before talking about bezel size, we should define the bezels to the newbie. Apple will launch upcoming in this year and iPhone 15 Pro Max thinnest bezels device is also highlighted the series.

A display covered by a plastic, metallic and another frame. That is called cover. From the end of the display panel to the covered or the frame hold the display is called bezels.

iPhone 15 Pro Max thinnest bezels

As usual, iPhone 15 series will arrive at the end of this year. After iPhone 14 series getting launched, several leak surrounding here and there. Now a tipster who has a good record for sharing accurate leaks about upcoming devices, mentioned the size of bezels.

iPhone 15 Pro Max thinnest bezels

According to him, iPhone 15 Pro Max thinnest bezels owners in future. It will be 1.55mm. Predecessor series, iPhone 14 Pro has 2.17mm bezels. While the Samsung Galaxy S23 1.95mm bezels. Recently, Xiaomi takes the responsibility by giving a 1.81mm bezels in Xiaomi 13.

A couple of weeks ago, CAD of iPhone 15 series spread out. That looks a different design for this upcoming series.

If all goes well, Apple follows its duty to launch of iPhone 15 series in September of this year. Usually, Apple choices September of every year for their new phones. Last year, they launched on September 7.

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