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Google is moving to TSMC to process their first custom Tensor G5 chip

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Google is now in a strong condition for producing their Pixel devices. They usually use their own custom Tensor chip, manufactured from Samsung Foundry’s 5nm process node. Now the turning point is taken by Google that it has planned to move TSMC to process Tensor G5 in 2025.

Tensor is specifically customized for Google Pixel devices, like Pixel 6 series and Pixel 7 series. On the other side, Qualcomm also moved last year to this Taiwanese company to process their Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Which is still available the latest flagship chip.

Google is moving to TSMC to process Tensor G5

A former Google executive shared with The Information that Google has plans to release their fully customized chip next year. Unfortunately they can’t complete it for the issue of coordinating between multiple teams and continuing their process.

Google is moving to TSMC

Alongside Pixel 8 is here and Pixel 9 will be released with Tensor chip which will be manufactured from another Korean company with the Samsung Foundry also. So we could expect Pixel 10 will feature this custom based process from the TSMC 3nm node.

Google is moving to TSMC and such several steps taken by them share a core idea that it wanted to compete with the first positioned mobile devices manufactured, like Apple. Though Apple works with iOS, Pixel may be master with Android for the reason of huge data.

Google Pixel 7

When whole Android based mobile devices manufacture companies unknowingly using a 5,000mAh battery, Google Pixel goes on their own way. Last Tensor G2 uses a 5nm node that costs more power, and the Tensor G5 will process from the TSMC 3nm node that enables power efficiency.

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