Galaxy Z Flip 5 folds looks flat without any gap of hinge

It is known to all that Samsung is bringing Galaxy Z Flip 5 as well as other devices. Now a new teaser published by Samsung Indian store that ensures the Galaxy Z Flip 5 folds looks flat without any gap.

On the event of July 26 to be held in Seoul, South Korea is becoming ready to introduce Galaxy Z Fold 5, including this Flip 5, Tab S9 series and Galaxy Watch 6 series. Almost all of the devices already shared its specifications.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 folds flat

Samsung is a prominent leader in the field of folding phone market. Where it has done the duty of giving the top order performance based devices like the predecessor Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 5.

But the situation is becoming out of control. After the gap of Galaxy Z Fold 4 series to this Fold 5/ Flip 5, other competitors based on China makes a huge possibility to compete with Samsung. Mostly Motorola Razr series and Xiaomi Mix Fold series are always on the frontline to compete.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 folds

In a new teaser from the Indian team shows the flat display of Galaxy Z Flip 5 folds is flat which has no gap. In this teaser we saw it from several angles, there is no gap and which is a massive success for any company.

After the cycle of events, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 with Fold 5 is ready to release on July 26. We are a week away from the event.

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