Asus ROG Alloy new cheap version here with Ryzen Z1

Asus brought ROG Alloy, the gaming handheld back in April. Which was released with Ryzen Z1 Extreme and now comes with Ryzen Z1 in a cheap budget compared to the previous version.

The previous version costs $700 and the new version with AMD Ryzen Z1 at $600. The price cutting has done for the cheaper handheld newer gets less specs.

ROG Alloy new cheap version

Asus ROG Alloy comes as a cheap version which is powered by AMD Ryzen Z1, instead of Z1 Extreme. Physical specifications are similar to the previous model. Which has a 7 inch display of 1080 pixel resolution at 16:9 aspect ratio and 120Hz refresh rate.

ROG Alloy new

Asus ROG Alloy usually compares with Steam Deck which has different versions available from the pricing less at $400. But the similar storage (512GB) of ROG Alloy costs $600 and Steam Deck costs $650.

The cheap ROG Alloy new version is already available in the US and Germany. But you have to decide to buy this cheap variant effectively.

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