Asus ROG Alloy: a gaming console for next generation

Asus brings a gaming console. The matter looks simple. But fortunate or unfortunate it overcomes simplicity. The console under the branding ROG (Republic of Gamers) seems something big.

Asus ROG Alloy

Asus ROG Alloy is a handheld gaming console for gamers. It is running on Windows 11. That means any type of cloud based game will run on this console, including Stream and Xbox.

Asus ROG Alloy

Asus ROG Alloy made by using AMD custom chip, and ROG X6 Mobile eGPU. It has 1080p resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, that ensures more relaxed game play.

The display of this console is 7 inches by using an IPS LCD panel, 500 nits peak brightness to ensure enough light for gaming.

Asus ROG Alloy front and back

Asus ROG Alloy launched with a 65W fast wired charger of USB Type-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack port, microSD card slot for external storage and also a fingerprint reader for security.

The gaming console comes to compete with Stream Deck. Tech enthusiasts get an unknown surprise from Asus. Alongside, ROG Phone 7 series is ongoing.

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