Apple’s iMessage escaped from EU DMA finally

The European Commission has announced a notice that Apple’s iMessage escaped from the Digital Markets Act (DMA) that was recently conducted by the EU. After this announcement, iMessage will not go through the tough obligations.

Alongside the iMessage, EU also listed others who could keep them aloof from DMA rules and restrictions. As mentioned, Microsoft Edge Browser, Bing Search Engine and advertising business. Those are considered as a core business platform.

Apple’s iMessage escaped from the EU

After five months of investigation the EU Commission finally released a list of 22 regulated services last September. This was gave the designation to the Apple App Store, Safari Browser and iOS operating system. While the Commission still continued investigation on iPadOS.

Apple's iMessage escape

The regulations by EU puts a significant impact on every tech company. Just a week ago, Meta, the parents company announced how its Instagram and Threads will operate inside the EU. They are going to limit political contents inside the EU.

The regulatory examination period coincides with Apple introducing support for the cross-platform RCS messaging protocol on iPhones. Which Google has been pushing for, even if iMessage escaped the cost of complying with laws that comes with the official DMA designation.

Unbelievably, Apple announced the RCS on November 16th, which is also the deadline for contesting the European Commission’s DMA classification.

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