5 Mobile Phone Safety Tips You Need To Know

5 Mobile Phone Safety Tips

Your concern may seem to be right because rarely do we consider following any smartphone safety tips. Do you follow them? We are pretty sure many of us take smartphone advice lightly and many times simply ignore But for those who are purist and follow mobile safety tips it’s a good practice. Smartphones have become a necessity, as many things depend on the shopping, banking etc. At times you may wonder are cell phones safe to use.

For those of you who tend to take Smartphone Safety Tips lightly need to reconsider as it may prove to be dangerous at times. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, though these cell phone tips are common still we think would prove to be helpful. We present 7 Cell Phone Safety Tips and hope you all follow.

5 Mobile Phone Safety Tips You Need To Know
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5 Mobile Phone Safety Tips

Strong Password

Phone without a password is dangerous as it invites unwanted access to your phone without your permission. Set a password, stronger the better. Older models of smartphones come with pattern password or alphanumeric, more recent ones come with fingerprint setting some also have facial recognition capabilities. Use the best settings you can with your make of smartphone. Even if you lose your phone you won’t risk losing you information on the phone to strangers.

Avoid Using The Phone While It’s Charging

With smartphones being used daily for long hours it sure drains the battery. We love our chats and at times even an almost drained battery cannot keep us out. We will plug in the charger and continue using the smartphone. How many of you do this? You need to quit doing this as there have been many incidents reported lately where people have even lost the life, they were using the cell phone while it was charging. Again it’s best to avoid using a cell phone when charging.

Avoid Sleeping With Your Cell Phone By Your Side

When you sleep you need to sleep peacefully, you don’t need to hear the buzzing of your phone or vibrate when you are sleeping. You may consider it normal but a good sleep will keep you healthy for a long time.

Keep Your Phone Conversations Short And Sweet

Smartphones have surely reduced the distance between people. More and more disruptive offers from telecom also give you the liberty to talk with your near and dear ones for hours. Health experts suggest talking straight for more than 2 hours is not good for health.

Avoid Using Your Cell Phone When The Signal Is Weak

Using your smartphone in areas having weak signal might lead to exposure to phone radiation. Weaker signal means more phone radiation and vice versa, hence its best to avoid using your smartphone when the signal is weak, as radiation exposure can lead to a brain tumor. You must not use your phone when the network signal is weak. Have patience and wait until the network becomes strong. Keep it aside and wait. Other than that, use your phone for emergency only.

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