vivo V29 series in Bangladesh: price has no limits to stop

Vivo's V29 and V29 Pro

You might not have wondered about getting a new phone in Bangladesh lately. It is an obvious matter to delay. But something is bigger than the delay. It is price!

If you belong from Bangladesh or have a strong idea about the Bangladeshi phone market you absolutely know this unconditional issue. We are now going to discover such an issue of pricing that seems awkward to us.

vivo V29 series in Bangladesh price has no limits

As the subsidiary of BBK Electronics, vivo is a well-known smartphone manufacturer company in both China and the global market. But in practice, basically in Bangladesh it was one of densely familiar companies for a huge sale. The reality is now the worst ever.

vivo V29

vivo V29 series were launched in China back in August. It is usual to take one or two months to come globally. But Bangladesh gets it more than two or three months later. Sometimes it passed a quarter.

By the development of modern technology, many tech-trendy communities successfully encourage themselves to go ahead with their ideas and works and also passion for technology. For many issues, especially pricing costs these duties into a dark manhole.

vivo V29 series in Bangladesh

vivo V29 series in Bangladesh now, we have seen many ads by vivo that clarifies it is bringing now vivo V29 and vivo V29e models. The exact starting price of vivo V29 in India is 32,000 INR (~384 USD). While the pricing in Bangladesh starts from 56,999 BDT (~517 USD). YOU MIGHT BE SHOCKED HEARING THIS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 384 USD and 517 USD. Bangladeshi consumers are giving 133 USD extra to buy vivo V29.

price has no limits

The second model, vivo V29e pricing in India starts at 26,999 INR (324 USD). On the contrary, its pricing for Bangladesh is 36,999 BDT (335 USD). There we find just 11 USD extra costs for Bangladeshi consumers.

Compare these two vivo V29 series in Bangladesh devices pricing, why do these phones have a huge difference in pricing? There is no absolute answer that is facing Bangladeshi consumers.

In the phone market consumers should get prioritized effectively. They need to fill their thirst for technology at the exact price. vivo should overcome this issue and hope for a better consumer based market in Bangladesh.

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