SpaceX satellite launch to enhance Apple Emergency SOS

Apple was introduced the Emergency SOS service via satellite in the iPhone 14 series. It basically connects an iPhone 14 series devices to satellite directly without getting any internet connection and sends messages or requests for immediate help.

After the iPhone 14 series, Apple has planned to release this Emergency SOS service in the iPhone 15 series also, to be launched on September 12. In this way, Apple enlisting more countries to enable this feature.

SpaceX satellite launch to enhance Emergency SOS service

Apple’s Emergency SOS features Goblastart provide satellite service. Now the company deals with SpaceX to launch satellites to enhance Apple’s satellite communication feature. According to the deal, the company Globalstar will pay $64 million by 2025. It already started via their first installments on this periodic payment deal.

Apple Emergency SoS

The Apple SOS feature via satellite helps many people to save himself from unexpected natural calamities. Recently, a woman went out for a walk with her dog and requested for via Apple’s Emergency SOS service. Lastly, the survival team finds out and saves both.

While Apple is ready for a new series, it has to develop their satellite communication feature. Which can be available in more countries and helps more persons to save themselves.

SpaceX satellite launch

On the other hand, Globlastar satellite equipment helps Apple by developing critical infrastructures that can help to set up this service. It has made many deals in recent years, indicating it is on the way of more development.

Emergency SOS service is available now in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Italy.

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