Samsung to use titanium frame on Galaxy S24 series by following Apple

Samsung is going to be the second phone manufacturer company to use titanium frame on their devices. Apple has released their iPhone 15 series devices with titanium frames for the first time. Samsung is going to follow Apple.

Samsung is becoming ready for the Galaxy S24 series release in the upcoming January. Which is known to all that is equipping the titanium frame. The Galaxy S24 Ultra will only get this titanium body and other models have not confirmed yet.

Titanium frame on Galaxy S24 Ultra

Firstly, we have seen the first titanium frame on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is lighter than the iPhone 14 series which was made of stainless steel. Now following Apple, Samsung might want to get a similar balance of weight.

Titanium frame on Galaxy S24

Samsung still has a plan of using the titanium frame on only the Galaxy S24 Ultra model. Although we have not gained any accurate information about this Ultra’s weight, it will be comparatively lighter than the predecessor.

Samsung has been considering the use of titanium cases for a couple of years now, but only recently decided to move forward with commercialization. However, this decision comes with a cost. Although titanium is commonly used in the aerospace industry, it is more challenging to handle during cutting and processing, and its low heat conductivity makes it difficult to cut cleanly.

Galaxy S24 and S24+ battery capacity

As a result, Samsung is anticipating lower yield rates, which will increase the price of the frames. Currently, the aluminum cases in the company’s premium phones cost less than $20, but the titanium versions could cost up to $100. According to reports, Samsung has already planned to produce 15 million frame units. It is the total amount of Galaxy S23 Ultra shipped to sale.

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