realme 12 Pro series upcoming by partnership with Rolex

realme’s highly anticipated smartphones, the realme 12 Pro series along with 12 Pro+, are on the verge of being released. These devices have already received certification from TENAA, showcasing their key specifications and images. In an unexpected turn of events, Realme has announced a partnership with a renowned luxury watch company.

Surprising leaked images have unveiled that Realme will be collaborating with none other than Rolex – a revelation that has left us all astonished. As part of this partnership, a special edition of the 12 Pro+ smartphone will be introduced, featuring a striking blue leather back with elegant gold accents.

realme 12 Pro series upcoming with Rolex partnership

The luxury watch designer, Ollivier Saveo, was previously announced as a collaborator by the phone maker. Although the mention of the Rolex brand was omitted, an emoji depicting a crown was utilized, which coincidentally represents the logo of the renowned Swiss watch brand.

realme 11 Pro series upcoming

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust teaser also displayed the number 28, potentially indicating that the unveiling will occur on January 28th. It is important to note that Rolex does not offer a version with a Blue dial, implying the possibility of a limited edition release for this particular watch model, which currently carries a price tag of $15,000.

realme 11 Pro series

As the successor of realme 11 Pro series, it is expected to feature a periscope telephoto lens on realme 12 Pro series. At least one of them will include a periscope lens. Still there is not enough list of details, we expect to get a more detailed view to share.

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