iPhone 14 sales in the US outperform iPhone 13, yet fall short of the iPhone 12’s success

iPhone 14 Plus


The latest report from Wave7 Research, as reported by investment bank J.P. Morgan via AppleInsider, reveals that the iPhone 14 series is continuing to perform well in the US market, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max leading the pack as the top-selling model. The report highlights that overall, the iPhone 14 series continues to outsell its predecessor, the iPhone 13, during comparable time frames.

While the iPhone’s February 2022 market share saw a decline from 69% to 62% due to the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series, it still managed to surpass the iPhone 13’s market share in February 2021 at 59%. This is a remarkable achievement, given the stiff competition in the smartphone industry and the iPhone’s dominance in the US market.

iPhone 14 sales

The iPhone 14 Pro Max, in particular, captured a significant 19% sales share in the US, making it the top-selling model in the series. It was followed closely by the iPhone 14 sales, which accounted for 18% of sales, the iPhone 14 Pro at 13%, and the iPhone 14 Plus at 7%. Interestingly, despite the latter’s larger 6.7-inch display and a massive 4325mAh battery, it did not perform as well as the other models in the series.

iPhone 14 sales

Overall, the strong performance of the iPhone 14 series is a testament to Apple’s ability to consistently create innovative and popular products that meet the needs and desires of consumers. With the iPhone 14 line being one of the most successful smartphone series in recent years, Apple is undoubtedly cementing its position as a leader in the global smartphone market.iPhone 14 sales in the US market

Priced at $899, the iPhone 14 Plus is a more budget-friendly option for consumers seeking a larger-screened iPhone with a larger battery. It replaced the iPhone 13 mini, which was introduced in 2021 as part of the mini series alongside the iPhone 12 mini. The mini series faced poor sales due to its significantly smaller battery, which was considered a major drawback. However, despite the improved battery on the iPhone 14 Plus, it has not been a standout performer in the market.

As of the end of last year, iPhones accounted for 70% of all smartphone sales in the US, a figure that declined slightly to 69% in January, just before Samsung released its latest flagship series. At that time, the iPhone’s market share was still higher than the 67% held by the iPhone 13 series and the 60% share of the iPhone 12 series in January 2021.

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