Gemini AI chatbot will use instead of Google Assistant for daily life

Gemini is the successor of Google Assistant? No. Gemini is the latest creation of Google by rebranding Bard. So, Gemini, the AI chatbot, could replace Google Assistant for consumers daily use. When Android users use this feature via voice, it could respond through Gemini AI, for more convenient answers.

Gemini AI chatbot, introduced by Google, the sister company of Alphabet Inc. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of both Google and Alphabet announced the Gemini chatbot last week. After that the company made several approaches to reach the highest number.

Gemini AI chatbot will replace Google Assistant for support

Gemini AI chatbot will be integrated through Android that will give Google success in the fight of AI chatbots. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai called the Co-founder of Google Larry Page to respond while OpenAI released ChatGPT for risk factors. Which makes a huge impact on the AI market, could be considered as an overnight market changing innovation.

Gemini AI chatbot

Google Assistant is giving services to Android users. Any users can give voice commands to this Assistant to give the asked information by the users. For several years this Google Assistant served. Now a report through the 9to5Google claimed Gemini AI chatbot replacing Google Assistant.

This AI generated reply will absolutely be better than before. While Google developed this chatbot to respond to voice commands though the earphones and earbuds or earpiece devices. This could significantly improve sound quality and text generated response rate.

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