Factory-sealed iPhone sells for $63,000 at auction

The first -generation factory-sealed iPhone recently sells more than $ 63,000 in the auction house LCG, starting from $ 2,500 and after receiving a total of 27 bids. 8GB model owned tattoo artist Karen Green, who was given as a gift from her friends as soon as it was launched in 2007.

Steve Jobs with iPhone

Factory-sealed iPhone sells

The iPhone sold at the auction was a 4GB model that was the smallest storage option available at that time. The device was still in its original packaging, which has never been opened. It creates a rare and extremely looking item for collectors.

In recent years, other liquor technology items have been sold by auction. In 2019, a prototype of the first iPod was sold for $20,000 in New York. The device was created before the IPD was released in 2001, was one of the prototypes of more than a hundred prototypes.

Factory-sealed iPhone sells for $63,000 at auction

According to the Heritage Auction, the winning bid for this factory-sealed iPhone was $ 63,356, which was five times higher than the expected sales price. The auction house initially assumed that the device would sell from $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 dollars but the price has exceeded all expectations.

After the first generation iPhone is launched, Apple brings new features with each new release, introduces new features and improves the design of the device. However, despite the change in the smartphone market for years, the iPhone remains an important part of the iPhone technology history.

Factory-sealed iPhone

In conclusion, the sale of the first -generation factory-sealed iPhone on the auction for over $ 63,000 is the growing interest in the iPhone, and holding the growing price they hold the collectors. Technology is moving at a rapid pace, perhaps it will probably be more rare and valuable items will be uplifted, providing the unique and the opportunity to achieve the collection of the collectors’ history.

By the way, iPhone 14 series was launched in last September.

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