Email: never drop falling from communication

Email was invented in 1971. Now it becomes the key identifying matters for every person to contact with, about any formal matter or sharing anything in the easy way. After introducing its growth didn’t stop for. Ongoing time for tomorrow is always active.

Email structure

Email or e-mail is the abbreviation form of Electronic mail. When you face haziness to understand what exactly email is, now to tell you it is just an electronic form of your letters or something called messages. We are familiar with messaging in the mean time of modern technology. Email exactly gives us this facility but in the formal way. Now to identify mail means only the physical form of mail and email refer to the electronic version.

Email messaging

Email were invented by Ray Tomlinson. Which is based on the ARPANET (The Advance Research Projects Agency Netwrok) network system. The first internet was only restricted for military work. Now it is usable for all types of people to connect with one another. Email makes a reformation of formal communication.

Everyday we are transferring more than 330 billion emails. Now the importance of email is getting identified easily to us. By 1976, 75% of the total ARPANET users were from electronic mail. Which easily clarified the future importance of the email market.

Fighting in email market

Many companies are working to get the highest share of the email market. While Apple is now bringing the highest amount of share of email market is 65.06%. While Gmail is fighting with 23.56% market share. It lost market share in the last 2 years. Others email companies are taking 3-4% share of the email market. Mainly after 2020 Gmail is passing the biggest disaster. We are aware of Gmail, which is a part of Google, belonging from Alphabet Inc.

Gmail inside

Success in the field of email for Apple and Gmail behind some reasons. Before thinking about the most classified reasons we need to discuss about the simple one. We are mostly known to gmail and apple mail for our devices. It is less but can’t cut it from the reasons. Android is owned by Google and iOS is owned by Apple, both need email addresses.

Apple recent years gives iOS 14.5 updates affects the field of sharing data that tried to confirm users data safety. Trust for Apple now possibly increased effectively.

Emails ongoing stages

Email keeps active to walk for the next step. In 1971, when invented email uses File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for transferring email to one another. After that IBM develops email in the 1980’s and enables sending mail to individuals. While Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) was implemented in 1983. Now we are using this SMTP for many reasons.

Prominent email company list

  1. Apple
  2. Gmail
  3. Yahoo
  4. Outlook (Microsoft)
  5. Yandex

Of them, Yahoo, Outlook and Yandex are also providing email hosting facilities. But they are not the market leader or changer to impact in the market. There are more companies working in this field.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail was officially introduced by Mail. It was developed by NeXT as NeXTMail. The invention of NeXTMail is for NeXTSTEP operating system. Apple acquired NeXT in 1997 and Apple Mail was released officially at 24 October, 2003. This email platform is based on macOS, iOS, watchOS and iPadOS.


Google is the owner of Gmail. It was released on 1st April, 2004. Google Drive easily connecting to share any high amount of storage data like photos, audio, videos which is up to 25 megabytes. Every Android user has to use Gmail to activate their devices. Against any gmail Google enables free 15 gigabytes along with google drive and google photos. You have to pay for up to 15 gigabytes by Google One, which was introduced in 2018.

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