WhatsApp started testing cross-platform messaging feature

The most installed messaging app worldwide, WhatsApp, is moving closer to enabling cross-platform communication, as shown by the most recent features found in its Android beta release.

Although it’s not now feasible to message users directly on other platforms like Telegram or Signal. WhatsApp is preparing the stage for an opportunity of doing so in the future. Version, the most recent beta, shows that the corporation is working on a feature called “Manage Third-Party Chats.”

WhatsApp’s cross-platform messaging feature

With the use of this function, customers can completely turn off the chat interoperability service. This is in line with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the EU, namely Article 7, which emphasizes user control over communication preferences and data sharing. The people who want to completely opt out of cross-platform messaging can do so using this option.

Cross-platform messaging feature

Granular control over which third-party apps can communicate with WhatsApp is offered through this feature. This encourages users and gives them the ability to customize their communication experience. Users can choose an amount of interconnectivity by restricting their integration to trusted messaging services solely.

It’s highly beneficial to be allowed to decide which third-party apps are allowed to see your data. Users can stay connected to selected services and steer clear of unsolicited communication from unknown sources. In addition, users who choose opposed cross-platform chatting offer a simple way to opt out. Users can disable the entire service.

WhatsApp to introduce channels
WhatsApp when introduced Channels

While cross-platform messaging remains active users can opt out of this feature. Which enables only to view the previous conversation in a read-only mode. It can be deleted, but from one side.

As the part of continuous improvement, WhatsApp is becoming ready for this cross-platform messaging feature. But Telegram or Signal has not announced any single word about this update, from their side approach. When both remain biggest rivals.

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