Wait until 2024 for OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus is a highly ambitious phone manufacturer company. Along with mobile devices it also launched smartwatches. In March of 2021, it launched the OnePlus Watch for the first time.

Unfortunately, OnePlus takes a long time to bring back its successor. But now we are hearing to get the successor first quarter of 2024. The reliable tipster shares this news and specifically its designs.

OnePlus Watch 2 for 2024 launch

Max Jambor, the tipster, claimed that OnePlus Watch 2 will arrive in the fast quarter of 2024. Which comes in round shape design and give better performance while using from its predecessor. That not seen on before.

OnePlus Watch 2

We could find a significant improvement in the successor while the predecessor was not able to keep proper performance as a smartwatch. But it gives some tracking features in the right way.

We are still a long time away from the launching event. Hope that we will find more tips and leaks that clarifies a clear view of OnePlus Watch 2.

In addition related to OnePlus, the company is willing to release the OnePlus Open in upcoming days. In fact, OnePlus top official attends an interview showing Oneplus Open, the completely folded phone so far.

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