Twitter Blue badge to relaunch on 29 November

Twitter will enable organisations to identify associated accounts

Twitter Blue badge to relaunch on 29 November

Elon Musk entering into Twitter brings a lot of discussion. After that he started to give everyone Twitter Blue badge for only $8. This badge simply says that person is rear. After that the misery took part and fake accounts owners were getting subscriptions from Twitter as a verified owner with the name of the familiar person.

Elon Musk Twitter

Elon took back some badges and stopped this feature. He announced to relaunch service soon. Now it is announced to launch on 29 November.

Now anyone doesn’t verified before twitter gives confirmation about name. So any accounts who want to be verified has to meet with twitter terms of service.

Previously Elon reserved some verification for politicians, journalists, famous personalities and many more. Another option for getting verification was activated for everyone with $8.

Recently Elon Musk talks about the upcoming situation. Which has the possibility to be bankrupt. So his step for the future likely to get more money not to get bankrupt. He fired up most senior officers from Twitter.

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