TSMC new plant in US delays to 2025 due to labor shortage

Samsung and TSMC

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company pushes back to mass production in its Arizona based new plant due to shortage of skilled workers and technicians.

Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC said, “We expect the production schedule of N4 process technology to be pushed out to 2025.” Where N4 means the 4nm process nodes of TSMC.

TSMC new plant in US

TSMC new plant in US based on Arizona was started construction from mid-2021. After this shortage of skilled workers it is sending technicians from Taiwan to trained local workers

TSMC new plant in US

Liu said, “We are encountering certain challenges, as there is an insufficient amount of skilled workers with the specialized expertise required for equipment installation in a semiconductor-grade facility.” They are passing a critical phase to setup and install their most advanced equipment to enable mass production for more than 20 years.

TSMC serves most of the chip developers, including Qualcomm, Apple, Nvidia etc. It is also entering into the 3nm process node that will absolutely give more efficient performance.

Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Apple Bionic A16 are made from using TSMC’s 4nm node process technology.

TSMC is building another plant in Arizona to produce 3nm chips. This plant is already granted a $12 billion investment. After that more $40 billion investment announced by US President Joe Biden and Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

The sudden growth of AI based on ChatGPT successfully helps TSMC. This AI generates humanlike responses that need more powerful graphics processors. Those are developed by Nvidia and AMD. Both are the clients of TSMC for getting semiconductors.

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