Samsung’s self-repair program is now available in Europe

Samsung introduced self-repair program last year in the US. Gradually the company broadened this program and reached South Korea in the last month. Now it is finally announced to be available in Europe.

By this June, self-repair will be available in Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Samsung’s Self-repair

Samsung had fixed the pricing of the devices which are available for self-repair program. Only Samsung S series are now available under this. Where the latest series costs more and the oldest one costs less.

Samsung's self-repair

Under this Samsung’s self-repair program only three Galaxy S series are available and another two laptops. These are Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series and also Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 models.

To repair your devices by yourself, you have to get a repair kit and your needy genuine parts. The repair kit only costs €30. Other displays and equipment costs according to Samsung’s pricing.

After all, any user from the selected available country can get Samsung’s self-repair program facilities. To repair their Samsung S21 series to upper series devices and these Galaxy Book, they have to go to Samsung’s retail location. They are very hopeful to broaden this program to more countries.

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