Samsung raised prices of memory semiconductors

Samsung is the key supplier of memory semiconductors in the whole market. But recently Samsung Electronics has raised the prices of memory semiconductors from 10 to 20 percent.

In case of decreasing supply production of memory semiconductors hugely impacted to go on at a large scale. Smartphone manufacturers will decrease using larger capacity storage.

Prices of memory semiconductors raised

As Samsung is the biggest giant to supply memory semiconductors, and also the Xiaomi, Oppo, Google are the biggest customers, this issue will affect negatively to using huge memory.

Prices of memory semiconductors

For the deduction of memory semiconductors production has been negatively affected. Then Samsung decided to raise prices of memory semiconductors and the Chinese giants accepted it.

The big three memory semiconductor companies, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and Micron are trying to control older DRAM production, like the DDR4. In the situation of entering into the fourth quarter Samsung Electronics thinks that all memory semiconductor markets will run by demand based situation.

Samsung DRAM

The key phone manufacturer companies are using a huge amount of memory semiconductors to improve smartphone performance and that positively impacts on the market.

The DRAM capacity used in smartphones is increasing 5 percent every year. In the market of memory semiconductors, smartphones and servers have 35%, PCs is about 15 to 20% and reminder is Graphics DRAM.

By the way, Samsung Galaxy S24 series will release upcoming February.

Source: (1) Korean