Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 upgraded camera specs rumored

Galaxy Z Flip 5 folds

Samsung has not passed a month of releasing Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5. At the time, the upcoming version Galaxy Z Flip 6 specs going out with just a small glimpse. We are now one year away from the launch.

The report comes from a Dutch media called GalaxyClub. They successfully highlighted the camera upgrade although the confirmation is still in zero.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 upgraded camera

The first thing of Galaxy Z Flip 6 comes frontline for the first time. Which says the Flip 6 will have a 50MP primary camera instead of the 12MP primary camera that was positioned on Flip 5 and Flip 4.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 upgraded camera specs

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6 use their codename, B6 and Q6 respectively. Possibility arises for a massive upgrade on camera if Samsung will be ready to feature a better camera from the 12MP sensor.

This report doesn’t give a very strong position. But it appears with something that is likely to happen. So it is believable and reliable.

Galaxy Z Fold 3

We are still far away from the release. In this long time many rumors, specs, market status, prices will be proposed and be true. So stay calm to inform you more details.

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