Poco C40 Surprise in the phone market

poco c40

Poco C40 Surprise in the phone market

Xiaomi is about to launching Poco C40. Normally we accept from Xiaomi that they use high quality chipset like as Qualcomm Snapdragon and Mediatek manufactured chipset. But Xiaomi take a chance on this believe. In Poco C40 Xiaomi going to use a chipset. But the manufacturer of this chipset is almost unknown in Tech world. It is using JR510 chipset from the JLQ company. JLQ first started manufacturing chipset from 2018. Chinese Government urged to use their chipset. Perhaps Xiaomi takes this chance by using this chipset.

Poco C40 JLQ

Before Xiaomi, a company named Treswave used chipset of JLQ. As User Interface (UI) Poco C40 started with MIUI GO. MIUI GO build for Stock Android. It will run on Android Go System. Basically it designed for entry level phone.

Hope Xiaomi officially release Poco C40 soon.


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