Pixel 8 series cooling is much more than predecessors

Peixel 8 series has launched this month on the 4th. We have not passed a long time, but many users are claiming that this series is incredible for the cooling system. Yes, two models of Pixel 8 series are more enhanced than predecessors.

We have seen the third generation chipset on Google Pixel, Tensor G3. Which comes from Samsung Foundry by manufacturing from 4nm technology. When the iPhone 15 series comes with a bad story of overheating, Pixel 8 series is completely different.

Pixel 8 series cooling much more

We have seen many issues in 3nm process technology that causes overheating. In fact, Samsung and TSMC are struggling to yield 3nm process technology. Still Tensor G3 is discovered giving cooler performance.

Tensor G3

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), a tipster shares the story of getting informed about this Pixel 8 series cooling performance from many users. Which is a good aspect of Pixel for marketing. Even, Pixel 6a got a huge hype when users voted for this model saying it gives better performance in camera.

Pixel 8 series cooling

Previously, Rick Osterloh the SVP of Devices and Services of Google said that Pixel 8 series cooling system will be more enhanced. Now we should wait for more days to get a complete view of Pixel 8 series.

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