OnePlus 12R refund of 256GB variant due to misinformation

OnePlus 12R available

This is a strategically big mistake OnePlus has made in the Indian market. It launched OnePlus 12R which comes with both 128GB and 256GB variants. But OnePlus said, the 128GB is UFS 3.1 storage while the 256GB is UFS 4.0 storage.

Based on this conception, users who are based on India purchased the higher and expected faster 256GB variant. Then it appeared OnePlus has made a big misconception. Instead of using UFS 4.0 here, it uses UFS 3.1 in both storage configurations.

OnePlus 12R refund of 256GB variant

This mistake lead them to the stage where the President and COO of OnePlus Kinder Liu responded. He announced the OnePlus 12R refund policy for the 256GB variant due to misinformation shared by.

OnePlus 12R refund

Whoever purchased this phone could consult the OnePlus directly for the OnePlus 12R refund until March 16. If you mistakenly bought this phone, you could contact OnePlus Customer Service centre for a refund.

OnePlus 12R could be one of the best selling smartphones. This misinformation could lead them to a bigger place. Usually these advertisements or something related to marketing for consumers is under the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

OnePlus 12R

OnePlus, and its other siblings should be more straightforward and honest to consumers that’s why could impact their future market.

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