The new era in display panel is starting now by 3000 nits brightness

Many things are needed when it is a digital technology device. The chipset, the power supply and lastly the display (including all other parts) is mandatory for any device. Competition between tech manufacturers had started already. When Apple brings 2500 nits peak brightness it comes in frontline.

Apple is considered the key part of phone manufacturers. It always introduces something new and others develop these features continuously. You can address them as pioneers.

New era in display panel

The new ear in display panel is already in the field. The key display manufacturers like BOE, TCL, VisionX and many more are working to enhance display quality. Especially, the ensures enough lighting and I personally believe that the greenline issues happens from these lighting issues. You may not agree to the point.

iPhone 15 Pro series

The new era in display panel starts with increasing the brightness. These companies already passed the 3000 nits peak brightness. As per report, BOE Q10, TCL CSOT C8, and Visionox VM8 have up to 3000 nits peak brightness. These displays will be used in upcoming devices. But not yet mentioned the models name.

Along with these features (might be some important features still unrevealed), displays use LTPS and LTPO technologies in the back panal. These OLED panels will define the display. It has a very close impact on humans, in eyes.

The new era in display panel

There is a rumor for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series that it will use more than 2500 nits peak brightness. It may be possible Samsung will make the first steps to enter into 3 thousand nits peak brightness.

By the way, do you know bezel-less display is coming? Yes, according to the previous report, Apple is thinking to bring bezel-less display and they might on the way as they made slim bezels in iPhone 15 series. So we could expect a new era in display.

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