Latest Apple iOS 17.3 update released with more security features

Apple has recently unveiled the iOS 17.3 update for iPhones, introducing a range of new features and enhancements to elevate user experience. Among the notable additions is the Stolen Device Protection (SDP).

Stolen Device Protection is a robust security feature designed to thwart unauthorized access, even if thieves manage to acquire your passcode. This innovation sets a higher standard for iPhone and Apple ID security, demanding Face ID or Touch ID without a passcode fallback for certain actions.

Apple iOS 17.3 update released

The iOS 17.3 update also brings a collaborative twist to music lovers’ lives with the introduction of collaborative playlists. Now, users can invite friends to join their playlists, enabling everyone to contribute by adding, reordering, and removing songs. This social music experience is enriched with the ability to add emoji reactions to any track within a collaborative playlist.

Apple iOS 17.3 update

In celebration of Black History Month, the Lock Screen gets a visual upgrade with a new Unity wallpaper, paying homage to Black history and culture. The Music section receives a boost with emoji reactions and the collaborative playlist feature.

Under the hood, the update addresses issues with AirPlay and Crash Detection, aiming to enhance the overall stability and performance of iPhones. Notably, AirPlay now supports streaming content directly to the TV in select hotels, adding a layer of convenience for travelers. Additionally, Crash Detection optimizations have been implemented for iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models, ensuring a smoother and more reliable user experience.

Apple iOS 17.3 updates

Practical security measures are embedded in the update, such as Security Delay, which enforces an hour wait and an additional successful biometric authentication before sensitive operations like changing the device passcode or Apple ID password can be executed. Furthermore, the AppleCare & Warranty section in Settings now conveniently displays coverage details for all devices associated with the user’s Apple ID.

To install the iOS 17.3 update, users can navigate to their iPhone’s Settings, select “Software Update,” and follow the on-screen instructions. It is recommended to keep the device connected to Wi-Fi and ensure ample battery or use a charger during the update process.

iPhone and iPad

As with any software release, some features may vary based on region or device compatibility. For a comprehensive overview of the security content of the update, users can visit Apple’s dedicated website.

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