Laptop computer vs Desktop computer

Laptop computer vs Desktop computer

Laptop computer vs Desktop computer

There’s been an ongoing debate about whether it was a smart decision to buy a desktop or laptop computer. There have been several logics on both sides of the debate.

Laptop computer vs Desktop computer
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The Case For Desktops

Desktops also have a reputation for lasting longer. They are highly upgradeable. Components can be taken out easily and replace with newer more powerful versions without having to purchase an entirely new unit. Computer repairs on a desktop is much simpler than a laptop. The parts are readily accessible for a computer technician and swapping out those parts is extremely easy. So if you need computer support, a desktop is a better choice than a laptop.

For those who opt for desktops, they love the stability, and strength that these computers offer. Desktops have the space to include all of the latest Hardware and an ample amount a cooling no matter how robust the system. This cooling would you so important to a computer allows for and more powerful components that can make the system faster, more reliable, and able to take on any task.

Desktop Downsides

Of course the downside of a desktop is that it is a large, stationary, and if there’s a need for repair, it can be cumbersome to transport to the computer repair shop. However whether it is a hard drive repair or the repair of some other vital component, the desktop will be less expensive and parts will be more readily available than with the laptop.

The Case For Laptops

Laptop computers have become more powerful, better made, and lighter. Mini can almost rival the performance of desktop computers, and in fact only the top of the line desktop computers leave the best laptops in the dust. Laptops have a great edge over desktop computers because they are portable. You can take them anywhere you need to go from a coffee shop, to a morning commute on the subway, and even on vacation, and always be ready to get your work done. This level of portability fits into the average workers lifestyle and maybe an indispensable feature when purchasing a computer.

Laptop Downsides

No matter how powerful the laptop, there will always be compromises when you purchase one. Because laptops are designed to be light in weight and portable, they use components that are specifically designed for their size and weight. These components will never be as robust as those found in the desktop and you will therefore sacrifice speed and in some cases durability. For instance the higher the clock speed of a computer’s Central processing unit, the more heat it will generate. Heat is dissipated in a computer by fans and heat sinks. Because a laptop has limited space, the amount of fans and heat sinks are also limited. As a result a laptop will be limited in its speed.

Laptops are all so much more expensive to be fixed than desktops. What do you need laptop screen repair, laptop keyboard repair or some other laptop fix, the cost might make you want to reconsider your decision and buying one. There’s also the potential for parts taking a long time. Many repair shops will have to send out for parts for your laptop causing you headaches and potentially lost work.


In the end, your decision about whether you choose a desktop or laptop should be made based on your needs and lifestyle. If you are able to do the vast majority of your work in one location and you need a powerful and stable computer, a desktop still might be your best option. However if you are constantly on the go, and need to be able to set your computer up anywhere and get to work, a laptop is by far the right way to go.

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