Is X to be next Facebook: direction under Musk

There is no doubt behind the movement of X that completely changed after Elon Musk’s acquisition. This secure handover brings unexpected changes inside Twitter that transform as X. Which should not be allowed as a significant approach for many reasons.

X, the transformation from Twitter, is leading by Elon Musk. Which is working as Chief of this whole platform. Though he appointed a new CEO Linda Yaccarino, there is no doubt about his interference and power inside every particular move of X.

X to be next Facebook: what is going on

The brief described earlier is a glimpse of Musk’s movement inside the X. When it is obvious that every decision comes from Musk, it is pretty clear this new direction to transform, X to be next Facebook, into a audio and video calls media has a straight mind of Musk.

X to be next Facebook

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter he was determined to introduce these premium subscribers that failed several times for early activating with proper bug testing. But he did with at least three tiers of users subscription. But alas! Last or least stages subscribers have paid after watching ads.

Amid several concerns about this X, many users took back them and appeared in other micro blogging social media, namely Blueksy, Mastodon etc.

Twitter will enable organisations to identify associated accounts

Musk introduced this audio and video calls feature since October. But on iOS, we have not even seen it on Android. But now it’s coming on Android. Who has a premium subscription can call others including free subscribers. While free users can only receive.

Elon Musk has a strong mentality about Mark Zuckerberg’s approach after introducing Threads. Musk said it comes as a Twitter alternative and uses its design. When Mark forbade these allegations. This comes into the next level of war in technology.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk

The main objection goes to X, which was a significant number of users. Those users are not willing to deal on Facebook or its similar feature. But now it seems X to be next Facebook is going to happen now.

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