iPhone 14 may delay to launch

iPhone SE 4 alleged specs

Apple is a top customer of TSMC, which is a Taiwanese company manufacturers chip. It sent chip to China where iPhone assembled. Apple take all chip from TSMC. But now a tension increased about shipment between Taiwan and China.

iPhone 14 delay

iPhone 14 may delay to launch

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of US House of Representatives, recently visited Taiwan, about this matter the relation that exist between Taiwan and China govt that became a tension. Because of Chinese demand about Taiwan as the Republic of China. But Taiwanese govt always neglecting this statement. According to China regulation TSMC must labelling suppliers as “Taiwan, China” or “Chinese Taipai.” Though TSMC is the most independent manufacturer company.

Because of China and Taiwan relation, Apple may be wait for more time to release iPhone 14. This phone with a 6.1 inch display.

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