iPad Pro models with OLED panels and M3 SoC are underway of production

Apple has broken its streak of releasing a new tablet every year since the OG iPad debuted in 2010. This hiatus was necessary for the company to revamp its iPad lineup, especially considering the decline in revenue from iPad sales following the end of the pandemic.


Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International, who is well-connected within Apple, had previously mentioned in November that the new iPad Pro models would enter mass production in late Q1 or Q2.

iPad Pro models

Another reliable source, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, who also has insider connections at Apple, has revealed that the tech giant is already manufacturing the new iPad Pro models overseas.

iPad Pro models

Rumors suggest that these top-of-the-line tablets will come equipped with OLED screens this year. Additionally, hidden code discovered in the iOS 17.4 beta indicates that the TrueDepth Camera will be repositioned, placing Face ID at the top of the tablet when held in landscape mode.


Presently, the Face ID camera is positioned at the top of the display in portrait mode, resulting in the camera being situated to the side when the iPad Pro is connected to the Magic Keyboard accessory. This can be inconvenient when using the tablet in landscape mode and attempting to unlock it with facial recognition. Additionally, it can be quite awkward when utilizing the camera for video conferencing while in landscape mode.

iPad Pro models

In 2022, Apple made a significant change by relocating the front-facing camera to the top when the 10th-generation basic iPad is held in landscape orientation.


According to Gurman, Apple is expected to launch the new iPad Pro models by the end of March. These tablets will feature the powerful M3 chips. Both Gurman and Kuo also anticipate that Apple will introduce two new iPad Air tablets this year, offering improved specifications.


Furthermore, one of these models will boast a larger 12.9-inch screen. Additionally, there is a possibility of new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil accessories becoming available this year.

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