Instagram direct message enabled now instead DM requests

At last, Instagram is accessing the requests of highly anticipated issues that anyone can directly send messages to other users on Instagram. So DM request is no more if you are sending messages to the person who follows you.

Instagram direct message sending feature was a very prominent issue to the users. This new feature was tested last month. Now it’s rolling out to all users.

Instagram direct message complications

Although the direct message is now open but there are a few complications that have to overcome. The first complication is if the person you want to send message doesn’t follow you, then you can’t send him a direct message. Instead, you can only send DM requests.

Instagram direct message

Now the second complication is the additional form of the first one. You can only send text messages in a DM request. No videos or voices are allowed.

Introducing this feature is only to restrict users getting victims of DM request spamming. It also enables you to monitor any users whom you don’t want to block but try to know what he is doing by keeping you safe.

If you restrict any account, they will not know about it. Their comments on your post will be shown to them. And their direct message will be sent to the DM request folder.

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