Huawei scheduled a new product launch event to be held on December 12, expected MatePad

Huawei has set a fresh announcement event on December 12th, to be held in Dubai. As per the hints on social media, the Innovative Product Launch will unveil a remarkable “Creation of beauty,” which could potentially be the MatePad Pro 13.2, the MatePad Pro 11 2024, or even both.

Furthermore, the teaser provided a glimpse of intriguing accessories positioned in the top right corner, which might include earphones or another intelligent device integrated with HarmonyOS.

Huawei scheduled a product launch event

Adhere to the Huawei’s product launch event upcoming event, it gives hits keeping something secret that may bring more attraction to their upcoming event. It is literally expected a new MatePad tablet for tomorrow. This exclusive event called Innovative Product Launch uses the remake tagline, “Creation of Beauty” will be held on December 12, the tremendous date.

Product launch event

In September, Huawei made waves in the tablet market with the launch of the MatePad Pro 13.2. This impressive tablet boasted a notch display, a powerful Kirin 9000S chipset, and a massive 10,100 mAh battery. It quickly garnered attention for its sleek design and high-performance capabilities.

Huawei followed up two months later with the introduction of the 11-inch version of the MatePad Pro. This tablet also featured the same impressive Kirin 9000S chipset, ensuring a seamless and powerful user experience.

Huawei MatePad 11

Interestingly, both the MatePad Pro 13.2 and the 11-inch version borrowed their design and dimensions from the MatePad Pro 11 2022. This suggests that Huawei has found a winning formula and is keen to replicate its success across different tablet sizes.

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