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How to delete Threads account without deleting Instagram

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Meta, the mother company of Facebook, released Threads in July. Which comes frontline as the biggest competitor of Twitter, which recently turned into a new name, X.

Though Threads is connected to Instagram, users can’t delete Threads account without deleting Instagram. Now Meta brings in full scale with the solution to delete Threads account without deleting Instagram ID. Although Threads first pretended as the competitor of X, Mark Zuckerberg says it doesn’t compete with X for its visionary future plan.

Delete Threads account without deleting Instagram

In a matter of five days, the new text-oriented service attracted a staggering 100 million users, piquing the curiosity of Instagram enthusiasts. However, these users soon discovered that this platform only allowed for one-way communication. Once an individual activated a Threads account, the only means of deleting it was by erasing their entire Instagram account.

Delete Threads account

Recently, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, made an important announcement. He revealed that this restriction has now been lifted, providing users with an alternative solution. Those who wish to discontinue their Threads account can navigate to the Settings section, followed by Account, and then proceed to Delete or Deactivate Profile. As the name implies, this option grants users the choice to either temporarily suspend their account or permanently delete it. Regardless of the chosen path, the user’s Instagram account will remain unaffected.

Meta has recently made alterations to the display of Threads posts, which are now visible on other Meta platforms such as Facebook. Another modification has announced, which allows users to restrict this feature by accessing the Privacy settings. It is important to note that this change is only applicable to Facebook and not Instagram, where Threads posts will still be visible. Way to find the Setting> Privacy.

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