Honor in a full scale marketing in Bangladesh

Honor is now a complete company. Huawei first introduced the company as their subsidiary. A lot of time has passed and finally it turned into a different company and ready to list them in IPO.

Honor has started a full scale marketing in India before introducing the Honor 90 model. The device was first showcased in France and we have no idea about finding it in the global market.

Honor in a full scale marketing in Bangladesh

Madhav Sheth, the former CEO of realme India was fired by realme itself. To spread the market of realme in India, Sheth had done a lot of things. He expanded markets and operates a huge amount of marketing ideas inside India.

Honor in a full scale

Honor suddenly took the chance of Madhav Sheth firing. They appoint him as the next CEO of HTech. HTech is the Indian variant of Honor to introduce their products inside India. Don’t panic to find the reason why I’m discussing the Indian issue.

After this appointment, a huge community of Bangladeshi young generation use Facebook, instead of Twitter (now X), the team is working on Facebook. Basically, the Bangladeshi market is cooperated by the Indian appointed team.

full scale marketing in Bangladesh

In recent weeks, we have seen a lot of posts and stories in Honor Bangladesh counterpart. This full scale marketing in Bangladesh will again bring their market share inside Bangladesh. This country usually has a huge amount of entry segment users.

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