Honor 90 series will release with upgraded camera

Honor is working to launch their new flagship series. As a successor of Honor 80, Honor 90 is on the way. A tipster shared the expected launch time, which is May. We could find a very identical upgradation.

Honor 90 series

Honor 90 series is an upgraded version of Honor 80. It learned from the mistakes has done in the predecessor model. They are upgrading these sections. It is identically in the camera section. So, it is hopeful to get better performer camera.

Honor 90 series banner

Honor 80 series launched more than four phones. These are Honor 80, Honor 80 Pro, Honor 80 SE, Honor 80 GT, Honor 80 Pro Flat. As a successor of Honor 80 series, Honor 90 will give more proficient performance.

It seems the phone will bring upgradation on the camera module. The tipster also shared the camera will have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) features. That helps an user when shooting a photo or capturing a video by keeping the phone more stable.

We expect more fresh design on the back panel. The banner appeared by this tipster. This banner shares something red colour. Which can indicate a better design and ultra flagship level model.