HMD Global announced to manufacture Nokia phones in Europe

Now HMD Global is behind the branding ‘Nokia’. It has announced to manufacture Nokia phones in Europe. This is an official announcement confirmed by HMD Global.

Nokia is just alive by name. Now HMD Global is trying to increase its market capital. Recently it finds a development in selling in Europe. So it takes decision to move manufacturing to Europe, which can ensure security and privacy.

Nokia Phones in Europe

At least it takes Q3 of this year needed to move its manufacturing to Europe. While its data center is still located in Finland since 2019. Now the question arises about the future of Nokia or someone behind Nokia by taking the branding.

Once Nokia was one of the favourite phone manufacturer companies. But the decision about choosing Symbian instead of Android takes them to dark. As my opinion, it was one of the first to invent any new feature mobile phones.

This Finland based HMD Global talks with a number of IT security partners. Perhaps, they are focusing on software modifications. While Nokia is known for its build quality. Sometimes it uses recycled plastic.

Top smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple are still choosing Asia to make their phones a low cost.

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