Australia’s three largest telcom to shut down 3G network

Starting from December this year, Australia’s three(Vodafone, Telstra,Optus) largest telcom will shut down 3G network.

This network, which is 20 years old, is relied upon by older mobile phones, medical devices, and baby monitors.

Australia's three largest telcom to shut down 3G network
3G was groundbreaking at the time. (ABC News: Elise Pianegonda)

The impact of this change will extend beyond just mobile phones, affecting devices like medical-alert technology, baby monitors, EFTPOS machines, and farming equipment that use the 3G network.

Australia’s three telecom to shut down 3G network

Konstanty Bialkowski from the University of Queensland School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science stated that while this change is generally positive, it comes with risks.

shut down 3G
3G shutdown

Many devices that still use the older standards will eventually stop working, leading to a need for upgrades. This is especially concerning for critical equipment like medical and farming devices.

Popular devices like Alcatel 2038, Apple iPhone 5, Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S5, and others will be impacted. APERS, an emergency monitoring systems company, has reached out to clients using 3G-dependent devices to help them transition to newer networks.

Australia's three largest telcom to shut down 3G network
Vodafone, optus,telstra

However, many individuals, particularly older ones, may still be unaware of the upcoming change.The shut down 3G network process will commence on December 15, with Vodafone being the first to disconnect.

Telstra will follow on June 30, 2024, and Optus will complete the process in September of the same year.

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