Apple’s A19 Bionic chip is under process for iPhone 17 Pro series

Apple is always fast to go its way. On September 12 or 13 it is scheduled to release the iPhone 15 series. In the meantime a leak comes frontline that successfully claimed Apple’s A19 Bionic chip is under process, means working has already started.

By giving credible sources the tipster assured that the iPhone 17 Pro series will be enlisted the A19 Bionic chip now in working. There is a middle-man iPhone 16 series.

Apple’s A19 Bionic chip

From the source of the tipster @_orangera1n that Apple is manufacturing their A19 Bionic chip under TSMC 2nm node technology. In fact, the tipster added the list of CPU IDs that can ensure the ability to believe. The iPhone 14 Pro series received A16 Bionic by showing ID 0×8120.

A19 Bionic chip

From the list of CPU IDs, the iPhone 15 Pro series will get A17 Bionic of 0×8130 and iPhone 16 Pro series will get A18 Bionic whose ID is 0×8140. And lastly, iPhone 17 Pro series will arrive with A19 Bionic that is basically A19 Bionic’s ID.

Before this September event, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 Pro series will equip A17 Bionic that is processed from TSMC 3nm technology. Which will be the first chip in the market from 3nm technology. This process mainly consumes less battery power and gives more efficient performance.

iPhone 16 series display

In terms of nm, chipset technology added more transistors when it processes from smaller technology, like 3nm. Like the iPhone 11 came with A13 Bionic of 7nm process technology that has 8.5 billion transistors and later iPhone 12 came with A14 Bionic from 5nm technology which featured 11.8 billion transistors.

As the A16 Bionic chip is coming on iPhone 15 Pro models it is expected for a decent performance from its predecessor. It is usual rules when transistors increase that decrease the power consumption and enable fast processing that makes the device fast.

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