Apple will receive first 3nm process chip from TSMC

apple 2nm chip of TSMC


Semiconductor play most significant rule in tech world. On this way, TSMC is the biggest semiconductor supplier in the world. TSMC stands for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited. Apple is the biggest customer of TSMC. Still it has 4nm node chip. But next year it will make 3nm process node, will be more smaller then present 4nm. Next year, this 3nm process node first received by Apple and it will be used in Bionic A17 chip.

TSMC chip

Most probably, Apple is going to launch their new phone series Apple iPhone 14 series, with 4 phone of this series. iPhone 14 series devices made by using Bionic A16 chip, which is 4nm node process chip. Apple will make iPhone 15 series Pro devices with using Bionic A17 chip.

In last few days, when political crisis between Taiwan and China increased, seems that Apple iPhone 14 series launch event may delay. But it keeps its launch event without any delay. Apple usually arrange its launching event on September.

By the way, Samsung already made 3nm chip and shipping it. It is more powerful than 4nm. But unfortunately it is for cryptocurrency miners.