Apple might not apply LTPO on iPhone 17 whole series due to quality

iPhone 16 series display

For quite some time, there has been speculation within the industry regarding the capability of BOE’s LTPO quality not being on par with its competitors. This has led to doubts whether Apple would implement LTPO on iPhone 17 series in all four models, scheduled for release in 2025. It was even considered that one variant might stick with LTPS technology instead.

However, those concerns have been addressed and it has been reiterated that all four models will indeed incorporate LTPO on iPhone 17 series four models. Still there has a strong rumors of including zero bezels display. Though there is no actual confirmation, Apple might offer.

LTPO on iPhone 17

The pricing of iPhone displays is estimated to fall in the range of $80 to $120. A 6.7-inch LTPO display is priced at $120 while a 6.1-inch LTPS display is priced at $80.

It is worth noting that the utilization of LTPO OLED in Chinese smartphones is steadily increasing. Remember that Samsung Galaxy also utilizes LTPO technology for all models in its Galaxy S24 series. Therefore, it would not be surprising if upcoming iPhone models next year follow the market trend and also adopt LTPO OLED, giving consumers a wider range of choices. Essentially, the aggressive adoption of LTPO by competitors may exert pressure on Apple to embrace LTPO as well.

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