Again Apple as the first company to receive 2nm chip of TSMC in 2025

Samsung and TSMC

A recent report from DigiTimes covered by MacRumours claimed to get TSMC process 2nm chip in 2025. This report specifically said to feature at the first half of this next year. Higher transistor in chipset significantly impact on performance and power efficient.

In 2020, TSMC first take place to work on 5nm process chip. Which is Apple A14 Bionic and additionally Huawei’s Kirin 9000 SoC. Last year, TSMC again process first 3nm technology based Apple’s A17 Pro chip. That used on Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Compared 5nm to 3nm which gives 10% higher CPU performance and 20% higher GPU performance.

Apple to get 2nm chip of TSMC

As per the source, TSMC will start 2nm chip production from the starting of 2025. Which will first use Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistors which vertically arrange horizontal nanosheets to allow the gate to cover the channel on all four sides.

Transition to 3-nanometer

On the other hand, Samsung Foundry already started to use GAA on their 3nm production. While TSMC is determined to use GAA on 2nm production lineup. At the process of the 2nm chip of TSMC, it is already building two fabs and seeking for another fabs approval. This fabs for mass production of this next generation chip.

TSMC will enhance this 3nm nodes this year and will continue for next year. The N3B 3nm process node of last year will become N3E 3nm process node, that will be enhanced for performance and efficiency.

apple 2nm chip of TSMC

TSMC has plans to manufacture a 1.4nm process chip after the 2nm. Which could start from 2027. This 2nm production chip will be delivered to Apple first. When the last one also got by Apple. TSMC already showed the 2nm node to Apple.

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