A silent look of Google Tensor G4 in Geekbench benchmark happens

It is reportedly made an appearance of Google Tensor G4 SoC on Geekbench benchmark scoreboard. This listing could be implemented alongside the upcoming Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro. But not yet mentioned here (even in any codename).

It is time for the Pixel 9 series. The Pixel 8 series was released. Now the upcoming series will be spotted eventually in many certification sites, and on benchmark also. Like the Geekbench, AnTuTu and many more.

Google Tensor G4 in Geekbench

This could not be shocking to find Google Tensor G4 on Geekbench listing. But there is something, this listing has happened on Geekbench 5 scoreboard when it is going under Geekbench 6 here.

Google Tensor G4
Google Tensor G4 reportedly on Geekbench benchmark

Google Tensor G4, reportedly, gained the codename “Tokay”. Which shows a bunch of specifications of this chip. It is an octa-core chip, delivered at the highest 3.1GHz clock speed from the prime core. The cluster has four cores of 1.95GHz, and three cores of 2.60GHz speed, the other one is the prime core that mentioned a line before

The device hidden under the Tensor G4 listing will have 8GB RAM, running on Android 14 OS. In addition, the chip has Mali-G715 GPU (or in easy word graphics). The chip managed to score 1082 on single-core and 3121 on multi-core platform.

Pixel 7 series
Pixel 8 Pro

Though we can’t confirm or give a single line about this model, we could expect that it could be a device of Pixel 9 series. This series is upcoming and undoubtedly features the Google Tensor G4 chip.

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